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Thursday, December 21, 2006 @2:23 AM

hello everybody..
yes,this blog is indeed still alive alright!jus that din really had the time to blog abt all the stuff that have been going on and stuff!or actually more like i'm lazy i guess,i jus view friends' blog den view mine the last last den jus close the window.din really felt like doing anything abt it.but now that i'm up,unable to sleep.i guess it's time for me to update and stuff!hee..

based on my previous post saying that i wont club this month.i guess it was rubbish.cos i did and not only once.well..i guess i'm getting out of hand!heee...and the last time i went,i came up with all sorts of excuse den mum and dad tot i went missing and stuff.den they got really drama.haha.oh well,now that i'm back in save hands,i'm a good girl.haha.i packed my entire room today alright!but things only started abt 3 plus in the afternoon.this took me ages to start..cos mum and dad pester and nag jus for me to pack up my room.all they will shout:YOUR ROOM IS LIKE A PIG STY!YOU BETTER TIDY UP YOUR ROOM!hahha...oh well,and my couz is here to stay for a night.guess wad,i got to take care of her.before she fell asleep,she still cried telling me that she wants to go home and stuff den i have to pamper her till she's dead asleep.haha..oh well,going school tomorrow to get books and to hand in a form!l0ls.den visiting my aunt at the hospital,she jus had a op.so yeah.

my bangkok trip was all in all alright.i guess...this round,i spent more on shopping than on food!haha...tried their foot massage,mani and pedicure!haha..guess wad, i found out from cheryl phua that she was actually staying the same hotel and visted almost all the places as me like abt the same time.den i was catching up with her and stuff with zara being there.as i caught the movie ERAGON at j8.visted joy.and joy will give us the look.oh well...found out from cheryl also that she no longer will be in st margs.and definitely i'll miss her!and yes i even had the idea of doing private with her.but i don really wan to increase my parents' burden!Ns result,well..yes i'm happy that i made it.but wasnt really happy with the points i got!and was shocked that the sub that i should do well din happen and the sub i tot i wont do well did well.so i guess...the expression was shock!l0ls.met up with everyone...kinda of happy and stuff.tot of going escape after which.but well,the weather turn me off.and in the end we went to play bowling at marina!and i skipped my class.should have gone for it.but i really wanna hang out.so yeah.work for me me this weel is jus xmas eve.its a dollar extra for each hour.but my friend told me outside everywhere is like double the amount!oh well...i don really demand much.but i jus wanted some money for me to get my own books.but i've saved all of them or spent it.wad a girl!so i guess,i'm gonna get some money from mum den pay her back!i feel really bad.

cant wait to have more money,den i can shop for xmas present,i like the giving spirit!in fact, I LOVE IT!l0ls...but first,i needa save up for decos in my room and a new study table!and den xmas present and more clothes and heels for me!heee...then my next thing should be a laptop!i've been wanting it for a very long time.but mum says that wait till i poly den i get the latest one.but i kinda of like using my bro's ex com.it runs slow and it has all sorts of unny thing.thou it has loads of my stuff in there.but i mean...its more convinent!so yeah!

man,i really wanna party till i cant cos when this year ends,i know my party time ends too.cos i know i really have to work really hard for Os,i really don wish to disappoint mummy and daddy!btw...as for now,i really wanna catch the HOLIDAY!anyone wants to come along with me and have a little date with me?heee...give me a call!till den,with loads of love,SANCHA!

Thursday, November 30, 2006 @3:07 PM

oh well...i doubt i'll be clubbing this month.l0ls.thou i've planned tobut i guess not.man,i havent get so many stuff for my party!haha.nth musch to blog abt.cos my life is all abt work.so yeah.not unless you wan me to blog abt my work life.haha.till den,take care to all.l0ves to all too!heee...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 @12:16 AM

DXO!anyone out there wants to go dxo party on the 4th?pls inform me!its 18 and above.if you are under 18 and you want to go.pls let me know too.i tink i can somehow get you in.haha.actually not me.but my friend,haha.l0ves...

@12:13 AM

man...it's so damn fast ah.i cant believe it.my party is tis sat!and my birthday is jus in a week's time.gosh.hey guys..pls make it to my party kay?i wan you guys to be there.or else this birthday wont be sweet.haha.no lahh...jus wan all of you the presence.hee..so pls make it.haha.i'm so tired cos i worked 7am.den later had class.but still decided to blog.heee...l0ves!

Friday, November 24, 2006 @10:44 PM

oh well,many things happen during the period of time since i last blog.l0ls.and it has really been a very exhausted week.
mon:work and class.[sick and my da yi ma came]so it was like wad the hell.anyways,i was really very tired already as i din had enough of sleep stuff.haha.went shopping the day before.l0ls.bought so many things.PULL n BEAR,got a top and a skirt.bought a fourskin flipflop.and a havanias slipper.woah,it was ex lah.but oh well.i like it,i guess.den bought mascara from missha.cos i lost it.l0ls.anyways..got a nail polish for mum.den went to face shop cos joy wanted to go.l0ls.went and she bought a lip gloss and i got a nail polish for myself and another one for mum.l0ls.went to kfc to eat cos i had cravings for it.l0ls.that was abt it.den had class again.oh i was late for my mon class.l0ls.cos i took my own sweet time.oh well.wasnt feeling good den though.it was tues..woke up when my bearbear called me.haha.bathe,pack my room as it was really messy den pack stuff for tonight and yeah.met amanda and headed to the hotel.hahha.it was so small.my goodness.anyways..we all had fun that night though.the night was really crazy.joy and mel went back to get their ics cos they only allowed ic or passport.ezlink was not allowed.so yeah..met some of the mandrain people.haha.got back to the hotel only at abt 6 am.slept a few hours cos i needed the sleep.lost my voice though that night.den cabbed home the next morning.slept till abt 3.dad woke me up.i was late for work.oh well.worked till late again.thurs was still work and only reached home at 4am.had to report work at 7 am.so i was so reluctant to get out of bed.and as usual late.and i met this stupid bitch captain.who just irritates my life off.who jus picks on me non stop.and my contacts jus cant seems to be at ease,it was irritating the whole night.i couldnt stand it.cabbed home.sleeping was all i wanted.so head to bed right after my contacts was off.haha.was suppose to work this morning at 8 am.but my name wasnt on the list and was too tired to carry on.and later saw my name at the 5pm.so i guess.fine,i shall still work.haha.my brithday is like so soon ah.bought the buffet.but my bbq still not done.and all my decos.argh..oh well,gtg or else i'll be late for work again.take care peeps.l0ves all.hee..

Sunday, November 12, 2006 @1:30 PM

to joyce:
happy sweet 16!!!

@1:28 PM

oh well,i guess yesterday was a day that i will never talk abt.its just so creepy and like so out of point man!anyways..its over,just hope no more troubles!
got a jab from the clinic yesterday!haha,its for work thou.cos handling food.so yeah.gonna go for training today.haha.perhaps learning hot to portion fish and stuff.haha.anyways...i guess i will not be blogging til next sat i guess.cos theres this special event which requires me to work from 10 am-4am.18 hours man.so i guess i'm gonna stay there.woah,whole week in town.haha.kinda of fun i guess.my cards are ready,yet to sollect thats all,invitation will be out soon.hee...laser quest was fun!anyways..see you guys around.l0ves

Thursday, November 09, 2006 @8:58 AM

actually,wad's love?i'm not sure.wad is more blessed?having to be in a relationship or not to!everyone thats around me are falling apart cos of love.but let me tell all my love ones...i'm always here!and will never leave.as long as you need me,i'll be there for you.

to phanida:i jus wan you to be happy and know and be sure of your decision.and no matter wad,i'm here.right now,jus take care and enjoy being single.haha.

to cassie:a devil stepping in your life,perhaps god thinks that its a blessing.but he's a bastard.l0ls.sorry.anyways,i know who your heart goes back to in the end.right now,jus be happy with whatever things you do and enjoy your single life.you can always have me without having any guys.haha.take care.

to rach:not really sure how's life for you,but i wanna tell you this,i love you and will always do.take care and still take care.i'm scared and worried for you.but i want you to be happy!

to jims:my dear buds,haven been going out with you for a long period of time.text me when you see this!anything goes wrong,i swear i'm with you!

to alexia:happy working and l0ve life!hope to catch up with you real soon!

to chloe:things happen.unsure abt it.but do update me.and pls take care.and jus wanna tell you,i'm with you.i don wanna lose a friend like you,yah?wanna see you more!

to alex,louisa,joyce and fifi:you guys are the loyal good bunch of peeps.l0ve you all peeps so much that i can hardly breath.haha.relationship problems?i bet all of you do.anyways,you guys have fun during the break i don see your!hee..

to deanna & sarah:have fun in the loving process!see ya soon!heee...

to joy:a bet from you.i believe.and there's always hope.never give up on the hope you actually once believed!yah?i'm here with you!hee..

to bay and van:l0ves...

to zara:be decisive in your decision.and i wanna tell you this,no matter how hard your fall is,i'm always with you,my ears are prepared.and don always be late already!!!heee..

to amanda lee,claire,caryn,wanting,joanne:its been fun ging out with you guys.hope to have more outings like dat.you guys are real crappy and entertaining.haha...


@8:36 AM

went to serene after school today.l0ls.macs were so quiet.gosh.only us [deanna,joy,bay,sarah chan] were making noise.l0ls.we were laughing at all the nonsense.i was feeling so gay.as i designed my birthday invitation card already.and i was like smiling the whole time by myself.joy and sarah was like so amused by it.l0ls.anyways...we were talking abt the 21st.where me and sarah checked in to the hotel first in the afternoon.and we gonna be like so crazy girls like really having and playing those fun out there.den she gonna help me with my hair and all...and head to M.O.S!hee...haven been there before.so gonna check out the area.l0ls.cant wait.gonna go for laser quest tomorrow.haha.din been there before.but i guess its fun lah.cos i seen it on tv before.l0ls.well..gonna know it tomorrow.so yeah..den sat,not sure if i'm toning with you girls but i'm going for the movie ''step up'', thats confirm.if my mum brings me to eat steamboat den i wont join you girls.haha.cos i din had for a while.and now whenever i smell or see,i will wanna eat.haha.den on sunday,haha...got training.so yeah.but like i got no class ah.den i'll be bored.nvm..will get people to entertain me.haha.yeah...change of plan.monday gonna tan.yeah..den head for class.tues...still go for swim den movie.wed,mich chalet and escape.hee..but i tink i will be having some discomfort.haha.den staying over on thurs also.den back home.l0ls.it was raining today.yes...again.haha.oh well,going to school for maths test.and i'm officially done with school!haha...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 @4:44 AM

its been rather long since i last blog.l0ls.perhaps,i jus wanna take a break and jus read others.haha.anyways...still looking for jobs thou.any recommendation?heee...anyways,went for a interview today thou.have to go training on sun.oh well...suppose to go escape this sun lah.like wad the man!anyways...escape entry tix now is like only 6 buck.can go there zhi high again.haha.scream my lungs out.l0ls.gonna go for a movie"step up" with deanna next mon.l0ls.cant wait thou.den tues;gonna go for swim again.hope to do my 30 laps again like yesterday.argh...this makes me think abt all the muscle aching.had class on mon den went for swim without stretching,can die man.l0ls.den tues after swim gonna go town with cass to catch the covenant.l0ls.well,it's has been a good catching up with you girl.whatever it is i'm with you no matter wad ya?l0ves...den mich chalet on wed and thursday.hahah.den got ybc dinner on sat.den next joy's birthday.l0ls.mann...its all packed together.wont know if i still have the time to work.haha.anyways...wanna earn so much money cos everyone birthday is like so close to each other.must get presents.l0ls.den i also wanna get my stuffs.l0ls.den my brithday party too.needa get my party stuff.l0ls.anyways...take care to all.and last but not least LOVES!!!!
*how do i get a tagboard?can someone pls tell me?haha...


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